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What is WhyBuy

WhyBuy is a service that publishes opinions on products, places, and experiences. Our goal is to provide videos that help everyone make the right choice when spending their hard earned money.

How can I make money by submitting videos

We select content that meets our guidelines, edit and publish. We pay the original creator $20 for each published video.

What do I talk about in my video

We love hearing about why people are passionate. So long as other’s have access to it; a cool gadget, a fun holiday, or an amazing service, we think it’s worth sharing. We aren’t big fans of opinions where things are terrible and cause headaches, so keep it simple, passionate, and remember that we value integrity.

I’ve submitted a few projects, how come they are not published yet

We want your project to look it’s best before its considered for publishing. We like to give our editors a nice timeframe so they can work their magic. If your project expired remember that the best way to ensure you get your video worked on by an editor or published, is to follow our Creators Guide, and check out a few examples on our channel.

I registered as a Creator, and now have a published video, how do I get paid

Once your video is published, you will see the option to request your one time payment of $20 for that video.

Is there a way to submit a finished video only

The short answer is no. We ask all our users to follow our process for many reasons, mainly we want to gather all the info from your project for potential publishing and give our editors the opportunity to help get your video published

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